The Vistas Team
Vistas Consulting was founded by V. Kartikeyan (Kartik) in 2006. The Vistas Team now has grown to include three other members – Shabari Madappa (Shabari), Devika Shenoy (Devika), and Utpal Chattopadhyay (Utpal) – each partner has a proven record of professional accomplishments. Together they bring a richness to Vistas offerings to its clients that is unique and distinctive. Below is a brief on each of these members that make up the The Vistas Team.
Kartik - Vistas Founder Director

  • Post XLRI - 20 years of working experience, most recently as Director of Human Resources of Texas Instruments (TI) India, and previously Head-HR for Motorola Software Group India.
  • Guided TI India to rank #1 in India in the “Great Places to Work” survey conducted by M/s Great-Places-To-Work Inc., BusinessWorld magazine and Growtalent in 2003, followed by rank #2 in 2004 in the same survey
  • Fellow of Sumedhas Academy of Human Context, India, an institution engaged in study of personal and organization / group dynamics
  • Member of Indian Academy of Organization Development (IAOD), Sumedhas
  • Certificate in OD – NTL (National Training Laboratories, USA)
  • Qualified assessment capabilities-
    • Qualified to administer MBTI (including the advanced Step II)
    • Qualified to administer the Belbin Team Role Inventory
    • Qualified to administer the FIRO-B
  • Trained and authorized to administer the Existential Universe Mapper (EUM) and the Organization Identity Mapper (OIM)
  • Trained as a Leadership Coach – through the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Singapore, and currently on track to be part of the Adjunct Coach network for CCL
  • Author of Engage-O-Meter- a tool to measure employee engagement in organizations
Shabari - Vistas Partner

  • 15 years of working experience, most recently as member of Human Resources at Texas Instruments (TI) India, and previously member of HR team at Titan Industries, Maharaja Organization Ltd (Sri Lanka), and Sasken
  • Provided leadership in Texas Instrument as the Business HR partner to business teams
  • Led HR function verticals such as Staffing, Performance Management, Training and OD initiatives
  • Inducted as a Member - with specialization in Human Process Work - in Sumedhas, an institution engaged in study of personal and org group dynamics
  • Qualified assessment capabilities-
    • Qualified to administer MBTI (including the advanced Step II)
    • Qualified to administer the FIRO-B
    • Trained facilitator in consulting and moderation skills
  • Passionate about developing innovative approaches to strengthen the people foundation of the business, believes that investments in issues such as work life balance initiatives are essential for individual and organizational health.
  • Shabari holds an MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur
Devika - Vistas Partner
  • 13 years of working experience, most recently as consultant Human Resources Director at Yodlee Infotech Limited, and previously at Motorola India, GE Capital International Services, and Titan Industries.
  • Rebuilt the HR function at Yodlee Infotech Limited
  • Was manager HR for the largest account group of 1200 software engineers at Motorola India supporting a business vertical group in all HR functions: Recruitment, Induction, Performance Management, Team Building, Rewards and Recognition, Compensation and Benefits, Training and Development and HR Operations.
  • Was manager at GE Capital International Services for 800+ Transaction Processing business handling the entire HR function involving Legal, Operations, Performance Management, Leadership Development; later became the head of HR for the 900+ Insurance business, with an HR team of 5, handling HR Operations, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Statutory Compliance, Career Development, Compensation & Benefits, Hiring & Redeployments and others.
  • Passionate about redesigning all aspects of HR functions for greater and more effective contribution to business functions.
  • Devika holds an MA (Personnel Management and Industrial Relations) from TISS Mumbai
Utpal - Vistas Partner

  • 20 years of working experience, most recently as Director of Motorola Labs, India, and previously at AT&T Bell Labs
  • Directed development and deployment of large sized (200 staff years) turnkey telecom R&D projects for international customers
  • Managed independent software centers with responsible for all aspects of managing the center including its P&L
  • Has been responsible in a 1000+ technology organization for developing operations, business, and quality processes and frameworks, for developing and implementing balanced scorecards, performance excellence frameworks, and strategic initiatives
  • Utpal’s passion is in the area of institution building; he enjoys working with organizations in the area of project and quality management, team building, organizational development, and strategic change initiatives
  • Utpal holds a ph.d. from State University of Stony Brook at New York.

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